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“A lot of locals and a lot of tourists come here. They recognize you, they love the food, they love the service, and they love the atmosphere. Management’s great, so it’s a good place to work.

The way you earn your income is by tips, you know? You’re friendly to people, you give them good service, you joke with them, talk with them, you know? And that’s how you are able to make a good living is by being friendly with people, good service, great food.

In the slow time we can make anywhere from $60 a night to $100 a night in tips. And on busy nights we can make anywhere from $30 to $35 an hour depending on how busy it is and how good of service you give.

I feel like if you were to make minimum wage maybe you wouldn’t put in quite as much effort, because the more friendly you are to people and the better service you give them, the better of a tip you get. So your tips motivate you to be a good server, motivate you to treat people well, and be friendly with them.”

Please Save Our Tips
Reinstate the tip credit in HB 31
Text: Tips to 52886

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