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My name’s Tiffany Garcia. I’ve been serving for about 13 years. I consider serving to be my professional career, and I am from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I’m working at Joe’s Dining in Santa Fe.

I would say mostly I love meeting new people, working with people, all different type of personalities. I love the flexibility of serving.

I feel that serving you’re kind of like an independent contractor, so you’re building your own kind of business because you’re working for yourself where the tips come in, and you’re making your own money.

I work in a diner, which is a daytime job for me, so I’m averaging $20 plus an hour.

The reason why I like the tipping is because if they give us a flat hourly wage, in my opinion that’s where a lot of professional servers like myself would either get out of the service industry, or essentially move out of state where there is not that law. Because that would mean you are cutting the servers’ pay in half or more.

It’s all about taking service out of the service industry.

If the bill was passed I would definitely move out of state because I don’t have any kids or essentially any roots here. Think about it, you’re gonna have professional servers like me that have been doing this for 13 years who will take great care of you, who will make sure that you have a wonderful dining experience.

Please Save Our Tips
Reinstate the tip credit in HB 31
Text: Tips to 52886

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